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James O'Laughlin

  • 7107 Ohms Lane
    Minneapolis, Minnesota 55439
    United States

(612) 424-8400

952 426-1519

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Cedes Corporation of America

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As a leader in optical-electronic sensor technology, CEDES develops and manufactures a variety of innovative sensors used in the elevator industry. Our sensor solutions include: A17.1-2019/B44-19 certified Elevator Door Protection (CabSafe), Elevator cab position and velocity, SIL3 APS and traditional GLS-series fork sensors), SIL 3 safety controllers for monitoring and control related to elevator position and other Electrical Protective Devices [EPDs] (iDiscovery), 2D door protection (cegard/Mini, cegard/Max-NT, Universal Power Supplies), 3D time-of-flight door protection (IMS 100), and Sensors for people counting in destination dispatch applications (TPS 210). For your next sensor application, consider using CEDES sensors, providing best-in-class solutions for your sensing needs with great price to performance.